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Inductive reasoning in solving 4 simple problems.

1: Solve the problem.

One pan of enchiladas serves 12 people. How many pans of enchiladas are needed to serve a wedding party of 620 people? Show your step by step work! Include units with your solution

2: Determine the answer from the table or graph.

The profit earnings for ABC Company are reported quarterly. The earnings as a percentage of the yearly earnings for 2006 are shown in the pie chart. If the total earnings for the first quarter were $42,000, what were the earnings for the fourth quarter? Show your step by step work! Include units in your solution.
% Earnings of Company
1st Qtr 15%
2nd Qtr 20%
3rd Qtr 25%
4th Qtr 40%

3: Solve the problem using inductive reasoning.

Find the 12th square number that corresponds to the following dot sequence.

1 dot, 4 dots, 9 dots, 16 dots

4: Use inductive reasoning to predict the next complete line in the pattern.

55 - 6 = 49
565 - 67 = 498
5665 - 678 = 4987


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To find the number of pans of enchiladas, take the number of people at the wedding party and divide it by the number of people served by each pan of enchiladas. This will give you 620 people / 12 people per pan = 51.67 pans. You will need to round your answer up to 52 whole pans of enchiladas. If you times 52 pans and 12 people per pan, that will give you 624 people that you can serve. If you only have 51 pans, that will only ...

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Using inductive reasoning to solve problems.