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Graphs and Systems of Inequalities

11. Match the graph with one of the equations.
a) y = x

b) y = 3x
c) y =

d) y = x + 3

14. A small company produces both bouquets and wreaths of dried flowers. The bouquets take 1 hour of labor to produce, and the wreaths take 2 hours. The labor available is limited to 80 hours per week, and the total production capacity is 60 items per week. Write a system of inequalities representing this situation, where x is the number of bouquets and y is the number of wreaths. Then graph the system of inequalities.

19. Match the graph with one of the equations.

A )y = -x - 2
B )y = x - 2
C)y = -x + 2
D ) y = x + 2


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