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Geometry : Area and Distance

For locations between 20degrees and 60degrees north latitude a solar collector panel should be mounted so its angle with the horizontal is 20 greater than the local latitude.
Consequently, the solar panel mounted on the roof of Solar Energy, Inc., in Atlanta (latitude 34degrees) forms a 54degree angle with the horizontal. The bottom edge of the 12-ft. long panel is resting on the roof, and the high edge is 5 ft. above the roof. What is the total area of this rectangular collector panel?

DaShanda's team of surveyors had to find the distance AC across the lake at Montgomery County Park. Field assistants positioned themselves at points A and C while DaShanda set up an angle-measuring instrument at point B, 100 ft. from C in a perpendicular direction. DaShanda measured angleABC as 75degrees12'42".
What is the distance AC?

Please look at attachment it has pictures.


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Area and distance are calculated using angle measurements.