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Civil Engineering and Construction Pathways : Length of an Arc and Volume of Dirt

The diagram over shows an area of a railway cutting that has failed in the form of a shallow rotational slip. Using radians as a measure of angular displacement determine the length of the failure surface AB.

A partially completed site survey of a quadrilateral site is given below.

You are responsible for ordering a perimeter security fence. What is the minimum number of panels you would order if the length of each panel was 2.6 m?
Assuming the site is flat and that 17% of the site is contaminated by heavy metals, determine the number of trips that will be required to a license landfill the contaminated ground is to be excavated to a depth of 3.2 m. It may be assumed that one muck-away truck can transport 15 m3 of in-situ contaminated soil.

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.


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