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Circles and Coordinates : Distance from the Center

I have solved this question and I would like to know if I am correct.
" A pizza shop delivers to all customers within a circle determined by the equation
X squared + Y squared = 400, If the pizza shop is at coordinates (0,0), would they delvier to someone who lives at coordinates (16,-11)
x + y = 20
Therefore the radius of the circle is 20 units.

d=square root (16-0)squared + (-11-0) squared
= 16 squared + -11 squared
= 256 + 121
= square root of 377
= 19.4 units

Therefore the person lives within the radius of the circle.

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Yes, you did it correctly. Assume that the pizza shop is at coordinates (0,0), someone who ...

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Distance from the center of a circle is investigated.