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Solving Logarithms

1. Evaluate logarithm. Round results to 3 decimal places.

2. Approximate logarithm using properties of logarithms, given log b^2 = 0.3562, logb^3 =0.5646 and log b^5 = 0.8271

3. Find exact value of logarithm

4. using properties of logarithms to expand express as a sum, difference, and/or multiple of logarithms.(assume all variableas are positive)

5. Condense expression to logarithm of single quantity

6. Solve for x.

7. Solve exponential equation algebraically.Approximate result to 3 decimal places..

8. 8(10^3x) =12

9. Solve logarithmic equation algebraically.Approximate 3 decimal places.
ln2x = 2.4

10. Find time required for a $1000 investment to double at interest rate r1 compounded continuously r = 0.085

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