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Solution Concentrations : Percentages and Amount of Concentrate Needed

I am doing an embalming course and need to work out percentages , e.g of question.

A container will hold 1 ltr, you will need the following solutions for different purposes, how much concentrate will you need in each case.

2% solution
1 in 20 solution
4 in 50 solution
a 5.5 solution
1 in 3.5 solution.

Can you show me how to work these out? Thanks.

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2% by volume for 1 liter is 20 mL so that solution is 980 of water and 20 of embalming solution.

Remember there are 1000 ml per liter and 2% of 100 is 2 so 2% of 1000 is 20.

for a 1 in 20 solution there are 20 total parts ...

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The amount of concentrate needed to make up solutions is calculated.