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Solving Equations and Word Problems

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Solve and check each of the following equations for x




Solve each of the following equations for x


Solve the following word problems

5. Number problem. If one-half of one integer is subtracted form three-fifths of the next consecutive integer the difference is 3. What are the two integers?

6. A passenger train can travel 325mi in the same time a freight train takes to travel 200mi. If the speed of the passenger train is 25 mi/h faster than the speed of the freight train, fin the speed of each.

7. Ariana took 2 h longer to drive 360mi on the first day of a trip than she took to drive 270 mi on the second day. If her speed was the same on both days, what was the driving time each day?

8. A plane flies 720 mi against a steady 30-mi/h headwind and then returns to the same point with the wind. If the entire trip takes 10 h, what is the plane's speed in still air?

9. Kevin earned $165 interest for 1 year on an investment of $1500. At the same rate, what amount of interest would be earned by an investment of $2500?

Simplify each complex fraction


11. write this ratio in simplest form

12. simplify the formula


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