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Venn Diagrams : Union, Intersection and Compliment

A. Write the first 6 elements of the following sets:
E is the set of even numbers E={ }
L is the set of numbers divisble by 11. L={ }
S is the set of numbers divisible by 6. S={ }

b. Draw a Venn Diagram to represent the relationship among E,L,S.

c. Place the following five numbers on the Venn Diagram. 3 exponent 11, 6 exponent 2,11 exponent 6 10,000, 22 exponent

6. Explain the placement of the numbers.

d. Shade E U L U S ( the U's should be upside down!!) on the Venn diagram and list at least two elements belonging to the set.

e. State n (E U S). (Also should be upside down U). There should also be a line over the E.

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E = {2,4,6,8,10,12}
L = {11,22,33,44,55,66}
S = {6,12,18,24,30,36}

See attachment.

See attachment.

Intersection: see figure.
EULUS(U upside down) = intersection of E, L and S = {66, 132} --Answer

E bar intersection S = Belonging to S but do not belong to E
= {18,24,30}
n(Ebar U S) = number of elements = 3 --Answer