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Mathematics - Sets and Logic - Venn Diagrams and Truth Table

Construct Venn diagrams to determine the validity of the given argument.

1) real men don't eat quiche
Oscar Meyer eats quichr.
Therefore, Oscar Meyer isn't a real man.

2.) All truck drivers are union members.
Rocky is not a truck driver.
Therefore, Rocky is not a union member.

Wrtie a sentence that repersents negation for each statement.

1)all students go to class.
2)some apples are orange.
3)i have a college degree or I own a house.
4)i have a college degree and I own a house.

Using symbolic representations.
p: The advertisement is effective.
q: the advertisement is misleading.
r: the advertisement is outdated.

express in symbolic form
1)the advertisement is effective and it isn't misleading
2)if an advertisement is outdated, it isn't effective
3) all misleading advertisements are effective

construct truth table for
(p ^ q) -> (~r v p)

construct truth table to determine whether the following statements are equivalent.

she is unemployed or she does not have a high school diploma.
if she is employed, then she does not have a high school diploma

In a recent health survey, 750 single men in their twenties were asked to check the appropriate box or boxes on the following form:
I am a member of a private gym.
I am a vegetarian.
The results were tabulated as follows:
374 checked the gym box
92 checked vegetarian
332 blank

Construct venn diagram illustrating the results of the survey
What percentage of the men were both members of a privat gym and a vegetarian.

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