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Logic Math

Please help me find the solutions for each of the problems below and attached.


Using a truth table to prove that A*(B+C) =A*B + A*C

Consider the * operator to be the equivalent of _____ and the + operator to be equivalent to ___.

State the number of distinct variables____
State the number of operations_____
The truth table will have __ rows and ___ column

Construct the truth table to determine whether the proposition are equivalent.

Functions, graphs and equations
1.Do the data in the following table represent a function if
a) the input is the person and the output is the person's height
b)the input is the height and the output is the person.

in each case, you must justify your answer with some explanation.

Person David Gail Lauren Peter Eric
Height 6'4 5'6" 4' 3'2" 6'4"

Please see the attachment for the remaining problems. I appreciate your help and assistance.


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