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Finite Mathematics

My instructor sits at the front of the class and reads from the book without any explanation. I am not understanding permutations and combinations as well as probability. I also had surgery and missed a whole two weeks of class.

Would really appreciate some explanation and understanding of this unit. Thanks. College Math II

Here is my assignment:

Out of the book By Lial, Hungerford, Holcomb Mathematics with Applications 9th Edition

Page 533

49.)Five cards are drawn from and ordinary deck. In how many ways is it possible to draw:

a. Only 7's
b. Only 2's , 3's, and 4's
c. No 2's,3's, or 4's
d. exactly 2 kings or 2 queens
e. 2 hearts and 3 diamonds

50.) A salesman has 8 accounts in a certain city.
a. In how many ways can he select 3 accounts to call on?
b. In how many ways can he select 6 of the 8 accounts to use in preparing a report?

58.) A concert to raise money for an economics prize is to consist of 8 works: 3 overtures, 3 sonatas, and 2 piano concertos.

59.) A lottery game requires that you pick 6 different numbers from 1 to 99. If you pick all 6 winning numbers, you win $4 million.
a. How many ways are there to choose 6 numbers if order is not important?
b. How many ways are there to choose 6 numbers if order atters?

Page 541

32.) Set up the probability that at least 2 of the 42 men who have served as President of the US have had the same birthday.

* In fact, James Polk and Warren Harding were both born on November 2. Although George W. Bush i the 43rd president, the 22nd and 24th presidents were the same man: Grover Cleveland.

38.) During the 1988 college football season, the Big Eight Conference ended the season in a "perfect progression" as shown in the following table. (provided below)

Won | Lost| Team

7 | 0 | Nebraska NU
6 | 1 | Oklahoma (OU)
5 | 2 | Oklahoma State (OSU)
4 | 3 | Colorado (CU)
3 | 4 | Iowa State (ISU)
2 | 5 | Misouri (MU)
1 | 6 | Kansas (KU)
0 | 7 | Kansas State (KSU)

38 continued: Someone wondered what the probability of such an outcome might be.

a. Assuming no ties and assuming that each team had an equally likely probability of the perfect prgression shown in the table.
b. Under the same assumptions, find a general expression for the probability of a perfect progression in an n-team league.

Page 547

The aforementioned study also found that approximately 5% of children under 18 years of age lived with their father only. Find the probabilities that the following number of persons selected at random from 10 children under 18 years of age in 2003 lived with their father only.

7.) Exactly 2

8.) Exactly 1

9.) None

10.) All

11.) At least 1

12.) At most 2

According to the Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center, 3% of Americans age 65 to 74 have Alzheimer's. A group of 12 people age 65 to 74 are selected at random. Find the following probabilities.

19.) 3 people have the disease

20.) No one has the disease.

21.) At most 2 people have the disease.

22.) 10 people do not have the disease.

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