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Differentials : Rate of Change, Δx and dx

Let x=1 and delta x= 0.01, find delta y.

f(x)=5x^2 - 1

f(x)=sq rt 3x

compare the values of dy and delta y

y=x^3 x=1 delta x=dx=0.1

y=x^4+1 x=-1 delta x=dx=-0.1

Part 2
Use differentials to approximate the change in cost , revenue, or profit corresponding to an increase in sales of one unit.

C=0.05x^2+4x+10 x=12

R=30x-0.15x^2 x=75

P=-x^2+60x-100 x=25

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Differentials, Rate of Change, Δx ( delta x) and dx are investigated.