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The maximum dosage of a drug

1) A ball is hit into the air. Its height, s, at time t, is given by the equation s(t)=-16t^2+88t+3 . Determine the maximum height of the ball. Round to the nearest foot.

2)The maximum dosage of a drug that can be given to an individual is a function of the individual's weight. The following table gives the maximum dosage of a certain drug for various weights.

Weight (lbs) Dosage (mgs)
88 67
99 75
121 91
132 99

Express the maximum dosage, D, as a function of the individual's weight, w.
[Pay attention to the independent variable - it's not x!]


What is the maximum dosage of this drug for a man who weighs 198 pounds?

3)A landscaper wants to combine golden landscape rock with rust-colored landscape rock to make a mix. The golden rock costs $0.59 per pound and the rust-colored rock cost $0.49 per pound. If the landscaper buys 70 pounds of the mixture costing a total of $38.80, how much of the rust-colored rock did he buy?

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