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spray solution to be applied in field

This is just a simple calculation problem on how much chemical and spray should be used to spray a certain area in a field.
How much chemical (in ounces) would you need to mix with how much water (in ounces) to make the following foliar fungicide application; a rate of 4.0 ounces chemical per acre in a total spray volume of 20 gallons (1 gallon = 128 ounces) per acre (43,560 ft2) on four plots that are each 5 feet wide by 21.78 feet long? (Hint: first calculate the amount of acres that you will spray.)


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For each plot, the area is
A = 5 * 21.78 = 108.9 square feet
Four plots, the total area is 4A = 4 * 108.9 = 435.6 square ...

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The solution shows the step-by-step calculation of the chemical and water contents of a spray to be applied in a certain area in a field.