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smallest possible value of n

1. if j, k, and t represent whole numbers, and n = 5j^2=3k^3=2t. What is the smallest possible value of n when n > 0?

2. Tex and Roy are going from Deadwood to Dodge City, but they have only one horse. They know that there are some equally spaced water holes between the towns, so they agree on this scheme:
They will start out together, with Tex riding and Roy walking. When Tex gets to a water hole, he ties up the horse for Roy, and he continues forward on foot. They follow this scheme, alternating walking and riding, until they finally reach Dodge City at the same time.
The two of them ride at the same rate, and walk at the same rate.
If they ride 3 times as fast as they walk, for what fraction of the time for the whole trip was the horse resting at water holes? ("Algebra" is not needed)

3. A contractor knows that one of his bricklayers would take 9 hours to build a chimeny, and his other bricklayer would take 10 hours to do the job. He also knows that when they work together they talk a lot, and their combined output is decreased by 10 brickes per hour. But since he is in a hurry to have the chimeny built, he assigns both men to the job. They complete the job in 5 hours. How many bricks are in the chimney? (("Algebra" is not needed)

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