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Rational expressions

Please provide all work and steps taken to answer each problem.
Thank you.

Simplify the following expression
1). -(-6x-w)-3(-5w-2x)

2). The volume of a right circular cone is given by
The letter stands for the radius of the circular base of the cone, and h is the height of the cone. Solve for .
3). Express the following product of powers of as a single power of

4). Simplify the following:

5). write without parenthesis
6) Rewrite the following without an exponent.
7).Simplify. Write the answer without using Negative exponents
a). ( )^-5
8). 7 t
9) Simplify the expression
10).Simplify as much as possible
11). Write in simplest form without parenthesis

12) Rewrite without parenthesis and simplify.
13. Factor.
14) Multiply. Write answer in lowest terms

15). Add. write answer in lowest terms

16). Subtract and Simplify

17). Reduce expression to lowest terms

18). Solve for y. Simplify as much as possible

19). Find all values of satisfying the equation. If there is more than one solution, separate them in commas.

20). Solve the proportion for y. Round the answer to the nearest tenth

21). A machine produces 249 bolts in 21 minutes. At the same rate, how many bolts would be produced in 28 minutes?
22). Rewrite in simplified radical form. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers.

23). Simplify expression as much as possible. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers.

24). Simplify. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers.


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This is a series of problems regarding algebraic expressions, including working with formulas, exponents, polynomials, and fractions.