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Projectile motion: Skier jumps off the ski jump

At time t=0 a skier leaves the end of a ski jump with a speed of Vo feet per second at an angle alpha with the horizontal (see figure in the attached file). The skier lands 259 feet down the incline 2.9 seconds later.

(a) Approximate Vo and alpha
(b) Use your graphing calculator with the numerical integration feature to approximate the distance traveled by the skier.

I was able to solve part (a) for Vo and Angle alpha using the vector-valued equation:

vector r(t) =[(Vo cos alpha t) i = (h + Vo sin alpha t - 1/2 gt^2)] j
g = 32 ft./sec/sec

Vo = 38 feet per second
Angle alpha = 7.96 degrees

What will the integral be that I need to enter into my graphing calculator and how was it determined?


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I am assuming that the question asks the distance traveled by the skier along his path since all ...

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