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Years after the famous foot race, the hare challenged the tortoise again on bicycles. The hare was able to pedal at a rate of 15 mph. while the tortoise could pedal only 12 mph. Knowing he was slower, the tortoise makes up a lame excuse for being given a 27 mi. head start in the 165 mi. race.

1. WHo won the tortoise and hard race? By how much?

2. How far into the race did the hare overtake the tortoise?

3. What is the largest head start the tortoise could have given without being able to beat the hare?

4. Chipmunks are fast on bikes. Suppose a chipmunk entered the race with an 84 mi. head start ahnd traveled at a rate of 9 mph. What is an equation for the chipmunk. When would the hard finally catch up.
(assuming the race does not end at 165 mi.)

A confused pig also followed the race. The pig started at the finsih line at a rate of 15 mph and rode his bike backwards. Where and when did he meet the hare on the road?

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