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Problem: if an object is given an initial velocity of v(0-subscript) feet per second from a height of s0 feet, then it's height s after t seconds is given by the formula s+-16t+v0+s0. A rock is thrown into the air at 42 feet per second from a height of 2 feet. how long does it take to reach earth?

Prob 2: Find b^2-4ac and the number of real solutions for the given equation: 16-24x+9x^2=0

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(1) s(t) = -16t^2 + 42t + 2

s(t) = 0

-16t^2 + 42t + 2 = 0

-8t^2 + 21t + 1 = 0

8t^2 - ...

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