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Logarithms and Exponents Applications Word Problems

1. Complete table for savings in which interest is compounded continously.

Initial investment Annual rate Time to double total
$1000 ? ? $2281.88

2. Complete table for radioactive isotope

Isotope Half-life(years) Initial quantity Amt after 1000 years

5715 ? 3.5g

3. The population of P of a city is given by P= 105300 e^0.015t, where t represents the year with t=0 corresponding to 2000. Sketch the graph of this equation.According to this model, in which year will city have population of 150,000?
4. The management at a factory has found that the maximum number of units a worker can produce in a day is 30. the leaning curve for the number of units N produced per day after a new employee has worked t days is given by

After 20 days, a worker produced 19 units in 1 day.
a. Find the learning curve for this worker (first hand the value of k)
b. How many days should pass before this worker is producing 25 units/day?

5. Plot the complex number : 1 - 2i

6. Evaluate expression. Round 3 places

7. Sketch graph of rational function as sketching aids, check for intercepts, symmetry, vertical asymptotes, and horizontal asymptotes

i. ii.

8. approximal real zeros with zoom and trace


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