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inequality on a plane

1)47-(2x+5)< 3(x+2)+2 =

2)Can this equation be dependent or indepdent ?
Is the system consistent or inconsistent?
5x +9y=-27

3) Write interval notation fo rthe set (x|-2 > x>-10)

4)x<2 & y>-2x +4

5)What is the solution of the system? The solution is?in an order pair
7x +4y=2 & 3x-4y=-22

6)x+y<4 graph the inequality on a plane

7) Write an interval notation for x<6 and x>-3

8) Two angles are complementary. The sum measure of the first angle and half the second angle is 83.5 Find the measures of the angles
What is the measure of the smaller angle?
What is the measure of the other angle?

9)Smokers Lumber can convert logs into eith lumber or plywood. In a given day, the mail turns out twice as many units of plywood as lumber. It makes a profit of $25 on a unit of lumber and $45 on a unit of plywood. How many of each units must be prodcued and sold in order to make a profit of $11845?

10)A cellphone company offers a contract for which the cost C, in dollars, of t minutes of telephoning is given by C=0.25 (t-400) + 53.95, where it is assumed that t>400 minutes. what times will keep costs betwen $99.95 and $131.20

For the cost to be between $99.45 and $131.20, the tlephoning time must be between __ minutes and ___minutes.

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