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finding width of the swimming pool

1. A swimming pool is twice as long as it is wide. It took 1,224 square feet of material to covar a 6-foot wide deck around the pool. How wide is the pool?

2. The height reached by a ball thrown vertically upward is directly proportional to the square of tis intial velocity. If a ball reaches a height of 46m when it is thrown upward with an inital velocity of 30meters/second, what height will the ball reach if the initial vertical velocity is 40 meters/second?

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1. As the figure shown (you can find the figure in the attached word file), let's assume the wide of the pool is x feet, the long now is 2x. And the long and ...

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The first part of the solution explains how to find the width of the swimming pool in detail. The second step-by-step solution elaborates on how to find the height of a ball thrown vertically upward.