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Bol-ful and Ful-bol Numbers; Unit Conversions

7. An integer is a ful-bol number if it is divisible evenly by the square of an integer that is greater than on. For example, 343 is a ful-bol number because it is divisible by 49 which is the square of 7. A bol-ful number is a ful-bol number which, when the digits are reversed, it is still a ful-bol number. Note: 343 is a bol-ful number. Any palindrome ful-bol number would have to be a bol-ful number. Find all the bol-ful numbers that are less than fifty and greater than zero.

10. IN nuclear physics: one Fermi equals 10^-12 centimeters; one Barn equals 10^-24 square centimeters. How many square fermies are there in a barn?

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Bol-ful and Ful-bol Numbers and Unit Conversions are investigated.