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basic algebra word problem

Solve the problem using algebra.
1 Find the Celsius temperature(to the nearest degree when Fahrenheit temperature is 9 degrees by solving the equation 59= 9/5 C +32, where F is the Fahrenheit temperature (in degrees and C is the Celsius temperature.

2. A square plywood platform has a perimeter which is 7 times the length of a side , decreased by 12. Find the length of a side.

Solve the formula for the specified variable.

3. I =nE
______, for n

4. Let x represent the number. Use the given conditions to write an equation. Solve the equation and find the number.

a. Seven times the difference of 7 and a number gives 70. find the number.

b. Ten less than three times a number is the same as five times the number. Find the number.

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