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Assign swimmers

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Coach needs to assign his team to a two hundred yard medley (four swimmers, each team swims fifty yards of one of the 4 types of strokes) Problem being that there's no clear way to assign each athlete each of the four strokes. Five quickest swimmers and their best speed(in seconds)they have achieved in each of the strokes for fifty yards are as follows:

Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly Freestyle
Cole 37.7 43.4 33.3 29.2
Craig 32.9 33.1 28.5 29.6
Don 33.8 42.2 30.4 28.5
Tim 37 34.7 30.4 28.5
Kris 35.4 41.8 33.6 31.1

Goal is to assign the swimmers to make the quickest relay team

I need the spreadsheet ( in the excel format) and what the solver results are.


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