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Algebra problems

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Problem 1. The number of trout in a breeding pond is given by , where t is the number of months that have passed since the pond was stocked with trout.

a. How many trout were in the pond immediately after it was stocked?

b. How many trout were in the pond 1 year after it was stocked?

c. what will happen to the trout population as t increases without bound?

Problem 2. Sketch the graphs of the functions:

Problem 3. Find the inverse of the function:

Problem 4. Solve the equation:

Problem 5. Solve the equation: 5x+1 = 8

Problem 6. Solve the equation: 2 x +1= 128

Problem 7. Solve the equation: log2(x+1) + log2x = 1


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This is a series of problems including using an equation to solve a word problem, graphs of functions, inverses of functions, solving linear equations, and solving a logarithmic equation.