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Algebra problems

I am having difficulty with a few different problems.

1. (8x^7-4)(x^8-5)

2. 5x^5-35x^4+40x^3

3. t^3-4t / t^2-64

4. -2x^3+4x^2+2x+5 Identify the degree of each term of the polynomial and the degree of the polynomial.
1st term
2nd term
3rd term
4th term
Degree of polynomial

5. 19x^2-10x-18=0
What is the value of the discriminant? Which statement is correct?
A) there are 2 real solutions
B) has 2 imaginary solutions
C) has 1 real solution

6. (30b^3+13b^2+32b+42) / (6b+5)

7. 25x^4-25x^2+6=0

8. 49z^2 / 5z^2-10z+5 * 5z-5 / 72

9. 9x^2+bx+c=0 Equation is ?=0

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