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2. Write in lowest terms

3. Express compound fraction in lowest terms

4. Write as a single rational expression

5. Add and simplify

6. Reduce to lowest terms

7. Reduce rational expression to lowest terms

8. Solve for z

9. Solve all values of w

10. Find all values of w

11. Solve for u

12. Rewrite in simplified radical form

13. Simplify

14.Rewrite in simplified radical form

15. Simplify

16. Write in simplified radical form by rationalizing denominator

17. An aquarium tank can hold 7700 liters of water. There are two pipes that can be used to fill the tank. The first pipe alone can fill the tank in 44 minutes. The second pipe can fill the tank in 77 minutes by itself. When both pipes are working together, how long does it take them to fill the tank?
18. Solve for y

19. Solve for u

20. Write without exponents

21. Write the following in simplified radical form

22. Simplify. Write without using negatives.

23. Perform complex number multiplication and write in standard form

24. Karl drove 376 miles using 18 gallons of gas. At the same rate, how many gallons of gas does he need for a trip of 282 miles?
25. Simplify complex number as much as possible


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