Important information about Asymptotes and exponential functions

Need help explaining and contrasting asymptotes considered for rational functions (see attachment). Exponential functions for real life situations.

Help would be appreciated.

Scenario: One of the archeologists you interviewed for your article is graphing asymptotes to illustrate the data generated through carbon dating the half-life of fossil specimens. Help him with his work by solving these problems:
1. Explain and contrast the types of asymptotes considered for rational functions.
2. Browse through some newspapers or magazines and find a situation that fits an exponential function. Explain why that data or situation fits an exponential function.
? Solve linear equations.
? Create graphs of functions.
? Use polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions.

Thank you very much.


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This provides an explanation of asymptotes in functions and also shows a real-life exponential function.