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Analytical geometry

1-Find the vertex focus, and directrex of the parabola=
1-x2= 2 (x+y)

2-Write an equation of the vertical parabola that contains (-1,2) with focus (3,1) and which opens upward.

3-Write an equation for the parabola that has vertex (1,2) and its axis is parallel to the x-axis, passes through the point (13,4)

4-Find all elements of the given ellipse and sketch the following equation: 25x2 + 9y2 - 100x +108 y + 199=0

5-Find the equation of the ellipse given that vertices (-8,0) and (8,0) with minor axis= 6

6-Write the equation of the ellipse given vertices are V (8,3) and V' (-4,3), one focus (6,3).