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Word Problems

1st one:

A family has a rectangular kitchen which measures 12 by 18 feet. They want to put diagonal heating coils in the floor of the room. How much will it cost them to put in the coils if they cost $25 foot?

12 x18 =216= Area 216x25= 5400 but since they want to put diagonals would I take half of this?

2nd one:

A wire cable is to be used to support a pole. The cable must be anchored 15 ft from the base of the pole. If the workers have exactly 30 ft of cable and 2 ft of the cable must be used to attach the cable to the pole, how high up from the base of the pole will the wire attach? ***tHIS I dont know how to do or set up at all because i missed so much of the chapter****

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1. The length of the diagonal is sqrt(12^2+18^2)=21.63. So the ...