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Rearranging formulas

Q1 Make the symbol indicated in brackets the subject of each formula shown express each in its simplest form.
A. a+b+c-d-e [d]
B. x=3y-t [y]
C. c=2pi.r [r]
D. f=9over5c+32 [c]
E t=2pi square root l over g [l]

q2. A formula used to calculate the power gain in an electronic amplifier in db is gain [g]=10log p2 over p1 where log is the logarithim to b ase 10.
a. In a certain section of amplifier the input power p1 is 20mw and the output power p2 is 10w using the formula find gain in db

b. rearrange the formula to make the p2 term the subject. In another section of the amplifier the gain is known to be 15db. If the input power is 1mw what is the output power?

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These problems show how to solve formulas for given variables by rearranging the equations.