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    International Legal Studies

    International Legal Studies refer to the study of international laws, a set of rules usually considered binding between states and nations. These laws are extremely important as it serves as the structural framework for international relations. The major difference between studying international law and more localized legal systems is that international laws apply to countries and states, and not private citizens.

    International laws can be thematically subdivided into three different categories, which are considered different disciplines in International Legal Studies. The first discipline concerns Public International Law, which governs the international relations between international entities. The second discipline concerns Private International Law, which determines through a set of legal rules which jurisdictions may hear a case. The third and final discipline concerns Supranational Law which addresses regional agreements between nations, where individual legal based systems are inapplicable.

    In this light, there are a vast range of international laws which can be studied, ranging from International Corporate Law to International Human Rights Law. International Laws are usually regulated by different supra-national tribunals depending on the respective law in focus. For example, the International Criminal Court regulates International Criminal Law, such as laws pertaining to genocide or crimes against humanity. Another supra-national regulating body is the European Court of Human Rights, which prosecutes states for breaching any of the human rights laws which they have established.

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    International Criminal Law

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    International Criminal Law is the set of laws that not only prohibit certain modes of conduct, but also to make perpetrators accountable for them.

    International Economic Law

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    International Economic Law is the set of laws that regulate the economic behavior of states and nations.

    International Labor Law

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    International Labor Law refers to a set of laws that regulate the workplace, in terms of rights and duties of employees and employers.


    International Refugee Law

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    International Refugee Law is a branch of international law which concerns the rights and protection of refugees.

    International Taxation

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    International tax law refers to a set of laws that regulate taxation within the international setting.

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    Priority right and trademark

    For over 20 years, James Stick, an Italian citizen, has made millions of dollars in licensing fees on the StickMan, characterized as a human figure showing the head as a circle and the rest of the body as a combination of straight lines. Through his Italian company, StickMan, James Stick secured trademarks in over 50 countries;

    Multilateral Environmental Agreements

    Describe how multilateral environmental agreement (MEA) regimes develop over time, paying attention to actors, institutions, laws/norms, and processes.

    International Law Question

    Miga, a French company, sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of goods, much of it on credit, to various agencies of the Russian government. The first deals were made with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), then, after the collapse of that government in 1991, with the Federative Socialist Soviet Republic of Rus

    International Law Regarding Nautical Territory

    Is the U.S. claim to a 12 nm territorial sea and a 200 nm exclusive economic zone valid under international law? Why or why not? Should the United States become a party to UNCLOS III by accession? What are the arguments both for and against becoming a party? Which arguments are better, and why?

    Can international law be used to solve disputes?

    How can international law be used to resolve disputes? Should countries recognize the Hague Abduction Convention and International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act above the rights of its own citizens?

    The application of the act of state doctrine is assessed.

    Soon after Fidel Castro came to power, Cuba nationalized a Cuban sugar company that had been owned primarily by U. S. citizens. Previously the company had a contract to deliver US$ 175 million of sugar to Morocco. To get permission to ship this sugar from Cuba, the broker who had arranged this sale agreed to pay the Banco Nacion

    International Sale of Goods summary

    Bello Wine Co. in France produces and exports wines. It sold 1,245 cases of its wine to Tippler Distributing Co., in the United States. The contract did not use any trade terms or specify any delivery terms to any specific destination. Bello, through its agent in the United States, selected Bigport for the port of entry in the U

    Pick a Federal administrative agency. Find where the current and proposed regulation changes for that agency are located on the internet. Pick one proposed regulation change currently under consideration and describe the steps taken to finalize the proposed regulation.

    1. Pick a Federal administrative agency. Find where the current and proposed regulation changes for that agency are located on the internet. Pick one proposed regulation change currently under consideration and describe the steps taken to finalize the proposed regulation. 2. Describe the proposal/change. 3. Write the publ

    ICC overview

    Discuss the history regarding the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC). There must be explanation on whether the ICC has any impact on international war crimes. 1- Discuss and explain the ICC 2- Discuss the history regarding the formation of the ICC 3- Explain whether the ICC has any impact on internationa

    Legal issue and applicable rule and facts to practice cases

    International and U.S. Trade Law A1) A German company sold steel to a United States company, pursuant to a series of correspondence between them. The United States company had issued a purchase order, printed on a standard form, for galvanized steel to Germany. The German company responded by sending another form labeled

    International and U.S. Trade Law

    International and U.S. Trade Law A) Fruit of the Loom apparel buys fabric from China, has it treated with a chemical resin, has it cut in Thailand, and then ships the fabric to Mexico to add thread, buttons and zippers. Fruit of the Loom apparel then imports the pants to the U.S. U.S. Customs imposes a tax appropriate for g

    Bank Collections, Trade Finance and Letters of Credit

    OTA, Please assist with this practice case problem. Thanks. Hambro Bank, Ltd., an English bank, had received a cable from a Danish company, A.O., requesting that an irrevocable letter of credit be opened in favor of J.H. Rayner and Company. A.O. instructed Hambro Bank that the letter of credit be for "...about P16,975 (pounds

    Host Countries

    Please respond using the IRAC method below and a case source. Multinational corporations and other firms must abide by the laws and regulations of their host countries. They must also understand the unwritten or informal rules of doing business there - rules based on culture, religious codes, and societal constraints. Someti

    You are the legal advisor for a vacuum cleaner manufacturing company.

    You are the legal advisor for a vacuum cleaner manufacturing company. The board of directors has sent you to State X to negotiate an investment agreement with State X's government. Describe the provisions you think need to be in this agreement to protect your company's investment.

    Doctrine of Sovereign Immunity

    Your company is deciding whether to sue a foreign country, but before taking on such a costly pursuit, it wants to collect more information. You have been tasked with researching the doctrine of sovereign immunity. Prepare a summary of the doctrine and whether you feel it may affect your company's chances of successfully bringin

    Antitrust Law Violations

    Company X, a US company sets up Company Y, a subsidiary holding company in the Cayman Islands. Company Y in the Cayman Islands entered into a cartel agreement outside of the US. The United States government has brought suit against bother company X and Y for violating the US Sherman Antitrust Act. Company X answered th

    International Law: Subsidies and Cartels

    Goliath, Inc., a United States producer of gem quality sapphires, set up a subsidiary holding company in the Cayman Islands (Junior, Ltd.) to control all of Goliath's non-United States subsidiaries. Junior then entered into a cartel agreement with producers of sapphires in those countries (other than the US) where sapphires

    Preparing a brief

    CASE 1-4 Matimak Trading Co. v. Khalily and D.A.Y. Kids Sportswear Inc. I have these guide lines to follow, from my understanding the brief I am writing must include this outline which I need assistance on. 1.TRIBUNAL - I dont quite understand who is deciding this case. 2. Parties - The plaintiff and the defendant w

    Training for Senior Managers-Recent legal issues & cases is discussed.

    Your team of corporate officers will be presenting training seminars to senior managers at the upcoming annual company conference in Maui. Research and prepare a presentation which highlights recent legal issues and cases on Employer compliance with the Patriot Act. Discuss how you would tailor it to suit the culture and needs

    Flag of convenience rules/ scenario is presented.

    Discuss the public law and private law ramifications for DWI in this situation. How would the legalities be different if the incident happened at a DWI resort on the US mainland? What should DWI do for Mrs. Lowell, and in terms of developing policies for future criminal incidents? All ships owned by DWI are flagged in the B

    The IRAC reasoning

    State A sues State B in the International Court Justin. The ICj hands down a judgement that is adverse to State B. State B refuse to comply with the judgement. What can State A do to get State B to comply?

    Trade in Goods

    The Expando Co. in State A receives a wide variety of general subsidies from the State A government (including tax breaks, low interest financing, and technical assistance) that State A offers to all domestic enterprises within its territory. Expando manufactures wristwatch bands that it recently began to sell in State B. The

    Creating an employee handbook

    If I had to create an employee handbook, how would I address state, federal and international laws, if any, in regards to privacy?? What would be some ethical considerations involved in this process?? Can you please give detailed information these two matters? Thanks.