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American IP Law

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A. The single biggest problem with American IP law is that it creates artificial scarcity. It sets up restrictions on free flow and use of information, so it creates scarcity where a rich bounty wealth can exist. The barriers are upheld by a powerful legal system with the help of unreasonable enforcement measures. From the technological field there are complaints from large software companies that allege that software piracy is depleting their sales. One argument against such a strong Intellectual Property law is that the transfer of information is not theft. The reason for his is that even if another person has copied an idea, the person does not lose it. When a transfer, even when illegally takes place the owner can continue to use the information and the other person also can use the information. The software companies go to such extent that they build spoilers into the programs so that after the software is installed the DVD becomes unusable. The main argument is that creating artificial scarcity is not a good idea.

B. The alternative system that I would like to ...

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