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Staff Diversity in Correctional Facilities

Why is staff diversity important in correctional facilities? What are the advantages of having a diverse staff and the disadvantages of not having one? Describe a historical event that occurred due to having a non-diverse prison staff.

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Hello Student -

This is a great assignment. My background and education are both in Corrections where I served as a prison administrator for 16 years. Here's what I always suggest to students. Take the assignment and break it down into more manageable sections. So, what does that mean?

1.Why is "staff diversity" "important" in correctional facilities?

For the first part, the focus is on staff diversity. However, your instructor wants you to respond to "WHY" staff diversity is important in correctional facilities. I'm assuming that this is an introductory course (Introduction to Corrections). Before you respond, be clear that you understand what is meant by "diversity." Most would assume it pertains to the racial composition of the staff (which it does) but I would also add in gender (males and females) and even ethnicity. So, for example, do you feel that female prisoners would respond better to ...

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Staff diversity in correctional facilities are examined.