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Contract Law

Contracts Multiple Choice Question for paralegal program

The ABC Company placed an order with the Ohio Steel Company by sending its purchase order form. The purchase order specified the type of steel, the quantity, and the price. The purchase order stated in the boilerplate that the buyer reserved all express and implied warranties, and that the purchase order could not be varied by

Ethics & Contracts

As a businessperson, what role do you think ethics plays in contract dealings? What examples or suggestions can you provide based on your experiences?

Business Fire Insurance

In March 2004, Cassandra set up in business as a sole trader offering various video-related services from leased studio premises located in South Belfast. In April 2006, she formed Picture This Ltd and, in consideration of the transfer of the business and its assets, including the leased studio premises, to the company, she was

Liability Contract Clause is demonstrated.

Joe Bob promised his wife he would aerate the lawn this weekend. So, Joe Bob hoes to Eddie's Rentals and signs an equipment lease for the day for a grass dethatcher, sometimes called a verti-cutter. The contract contains this clause: "Lessor disclaims all liability arising from injuries caused by use of this equipment." Joe B

Foreclosure Process

Foreclosure Process a.) How does foreclosure work? b.) Steps of Foreclosure c.) Timeline for Foreclosure

Scenario: Grocery retailier and UCC contracts/supplier contract

Scenario: Grocery, Inc., is a retail grocery store chain based in Any State, U.S.A. Grocery has stores throughout the United States. Grocery has written contracts with many different vendors to purchase the products they sell in their stores. Vendors range from individuals to international corporations. Tom Green works as the pr

Elements of Contract Law

1) What are the four elements of a contract? Discuss each. 2. What is the difference between bilateral and unilateral contracts? Discuss each. 3) When must a contract be in writing? Can a contract for over a year be oral, if not why, and if so what would be required? 4) What is legal capacity? How can it be


It is my belief (and I could be wrong) that a contract is not valid and a company is not liable if the contract was signed by an employee who did not have the authority to enter into a contract with a third party, i.e. a switchboard operator signs a contract for a cleaning service. What law, if any, absolves the company from li

Business Partnership vs Limited Partnership

Use the following list as a guide. Evaluate the risks involved in conducting business partnership (general partnership) versus a limited partnership. 1. type of ownership 2. exposure of ownership to liability 3. taxation 4. continuity of existence 5. formality in operations 6. managerial control

Vehicle accident and your rights

I got in a car accident, so I'd like to know how can I get my rights. Details: 1. Location: in A residential complex. 2. I have liability insurance 3. I am in IL. 4. While I was driving inside the complex ( speed 13 M) the other car come out quickly from the private parking and hit me in the front of my car. 5. His ca

Contract Law

What element of the contract was in dispute? How could this conflict have been avoided? What other elements could have caused the contract to be illegitimate. Consider that the plaintiff won the case. What were other ways in which the plaintiff could have been remedied in court? What sort of contracts must be in writing before t

UCC Contracts & Warranties

Does the UCC apply to contracts between merchants only? Are contracts and Warranties used interchangeable in article 2 of the UCC? Do common law contract apply to UCC? I am getting confused reading about the different types of warranties covered under article 2 of the UCC, I do not know if the word warranty is the same as

Judging case scenario

YOU BE THE JUDGE James Ricci had a younger brother, Carl, who died at the age of 27 and left a widow, Sarah with a five-year old son, David. James was a busy and successful entrepreneur who tried to help his nephew, David as the boy grew older. In his teen years, David was a disappointment to his uncle, James and his mother

Real Estate Law

1) The basics of real estate law...fundamental difference between the attorney-client privilege and the concept of confidentiality. What is the difference between the two in the real estate law context? 2) Ethical dilemmas that are present in real estate practice. Assume the following fact scenario: Your supervising attorney

Important information about Contract Law

Create your own business-to-business entity (see case below). In a 1,050 to 1,750-word paper address these basic elements of business formation: 1) Idea/vision for the business 2) Identify legal and regulatory issues to be considered in creating/modifying this business 3) How you would select professionals to rely upon for bu

Use the IRAC Formula to cover the rule of law and apply

While Avery and Ida Zehmer, husband and wife, were drinking with W.O. Lucy, Mr. Zehmer made a written offer to sell a 471-acre farm the Zehmers owned to Lucy for $50,000. Zehmer contends that his offer was made in jest and that he only wanted to bluff Lucy into admitting that he did not have $50,000. Instead, Lucy appeared to

Analysis of Government Contract Law Case, ATD-American Company (ATD)

Please see the two attached documents and assist me with understanding Contracts Law. I am trying to thoroughly understand and interpret Government Contract Law Cases and broaden my perspective on simply how to review a case involving contractual disputes. In this particular case, the contractor didn't win a "Request for R

Contract law, bilateral valid contract, legal consideration

On October 1st, Mariah Carey, a world renowned entertainer, entered into a valid bilateral contract with Quality Productions Ltd. To perform a concert in Windsor on December 15th. On October 15th , Quality signed a contract to rent the Centennial Hall from its owners, Business Buildings Ltd. For the evening of December 15th.&

Describe the key elements of a valid contract

Need assistance with thoughts for the following scenario: You invite a painter over to your home to discuss some painting that needs to be done. You discuss what needs to be painted, the desired color scheme, and the final price. Nothing is written down. You agree on terms and the painter then performs the work, for which y

Real and intellectual property laws

1. Why is the title to real property permanent whereas some intellectual property is limited in the time that it is protected? 2. I know that owning real property does not mean that all rights are protected. Can you show me some examples of where rights are limited in the ownership of land or personal property. 3. What is

Canceling Contracts for Tables

For Christmas, Daniel received a note from his uncle stating that he was giving him a desk and table from a local furniture maker. Both items would be ready in about a month. A week later, without Daniel's knowlede, the uncle decided to cancel the contract for the table. The furniture make agreed to the recession. The desk w

option contract scenario

Alice owns property in a rural part of town. A developer approaches her about buying the property for use as a shopping center. The developer wants to be sure that he can get the property rezoned for commercial use before he buys it. Alice offers to sell the property for $150,000. She agrees in writing to keep her offer open

Use the IRAC Formula to cover the rule of law and apply it to the situation

Use the IRAC Formula to cover the rule of law and apply it to the situation Ball writes Sullivan and inquires how much Sullivan is asking for a spe­cific forty-acre tract of land Sullivan owns. In a letter received by Ball, Sullivan states, "I will not take less than $60,000 for the forty-acre tract as specified." Ball imm

The IRAC Formula is applied.

Alpha Engineering Corporation has a contract with Beta Mart Stores to provide customized software for Beta's inventory control system. Dis­count Outlets, Inc, Beta's competitor, induces Tom, an Alpha subcontrac­tor who is writing code for the Beta software, to delay delivery of the code for one week. As a result, Alpha's deliv