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Contracting Scenario

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I'm looking for a thorough perspective on the following scenario. I need the first 4 questions answered from a "Contractor's Perspective" followed by the final 4 questions answered from the "Government's Perspective".

So bottom line, if you were a Contractor how would you answer the first 4 questions and then, put yourself in the Government's shoes and how would you answer the same 4 questions if you were the Government?

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1. Client requires assistance in addressing biological and chemical terrorist threats to its mail facilities and services. Client has defined two broad tasks to be contracted out:
- Development of an emergency preparedness plan, to include procedures for threat detection, containment of hazardous substances, risk assessment, decontamination of equipment/facilities, protection/medical testing of personnel, communications, and mail handling procedures.
- Development of a training program (platform and online) for supervisors covering procedures for implementing the emergency preparedness plan.
2. Time is of the essence - client needs to award contracts as quickly as possible and work must be completed within 9 months of contract award, with interim deliverables due earlier.
3. This acquisition will be awarded on the basis of tradeoffs, although price may be a consideration. While the client is willing to pay premium prices because of the critical nature of the work, we believe that our strongest competitor may undercut prices in order to get the work. It is estimated that between $8M and $10M will be available for labor and specialized equipment.
4. Our prior assignments with this client, combined with our extensive biological/chemical warfare qualifications, put us in a strong position to win the work.
5. Client wishes a vehicle that can accommodate rapid order placement with limited competition - Company A and Company B appear to be significant competitors.
6. Substantial subcontracting and use of independent consultants will be required in specific technical areas, including hazardous materials containment and medical testing. A teaming arrangement with the research arm of a major state university would strengthen our team. We also may need the expertise of the UK-based research lab of a major pharmaceutical company. All professional staff will require security clearances.
7. Work will be performed in the metropolitan DC area with travel to other urban centers. The contractor will be required to provide decontamination equipment and other materials. Live agent hazardous materials will not be involved.
8. Risks from contractor failure to perform, or from errors or omissions in project deliverables, are very high. However, if we successfully complete the work, it is likely that other federal agencies would provide logical follow-on tasking for similar ...

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