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Contract Law

What element of the contract was in dispute? How could this conflict have been avoided? What other elements could have caused the contract to be illegitimate. Consider that the plaintiff won the case. What were other ways in which the plaintiff could have been remedied in court? What sort of contracts must be in writing before they are considered enforceable?

This is the link to the case I've briefed.

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PROCEDURAL POSTURE: Appellant client, among others, sued appellee legal services provider for fraud and breach of contract in failing to ascertain the competence of the attorney to whom the client was referred by the legal services provider. The Circuit Court of Monongalia County (West Virginia) granted summary judgment in favor of the legal services provider. The client appealed.

OVERVIEW: The client bought a membership from the legal services provider. The client asserted that the advertising on which she relied in choosing the plan claimed that legal services would be provided by highly respected attorneys monitored ...