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    German nouns take "der", "die" or "das" (English form of 'the')

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    When does a German noun take "der", "die" or "das"?

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    <EM>When to use DER, DIE and DAS</EM>

    <U><B>der</B> - words</U>

    -- Most nouns ending in <B>-en, -el, -ling</B> or <B>-s</B> are masculine

    <I>der Schatten</I> / shadow
    <I>der Deckel</I> /cover, lid
    <I>der Erstling</I> / first born
    <I>der Schlips</I> / neck tie

    <U><B>die</B> - words</U>

    -- Most nouns ending in <B>-age, ei, -heit, -ie, -ik, -ion, -itis, -keit, -schaft, -tà¤t, -ung</B> and <B>-ur</B> are feminine.

    <I>die Garage</I> / garage
    <I>die Bà¤ckerei</I> / bakery
    <I>die Einheit</I> / oneness
    <I>die Bildergalerie</I> / picture ...

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