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    In between World Wars: 1919-1939

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    The two decades of peace between the world wars were witness to extraordinary events that affected not only certain people but also entire nations on both sides of the Atlantic. Some of these events were not necessarily all bad. With that in mind and aside from World War II, what event do you think had a significant impact, positive or negative, on the people and society of the 1920s and 1930s? Please provide an example with your response.

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    I understand from your Post that your Professor requires you to choose one or a set of events that had the a significant impact on nations across the Atlantic in the decades of 1920's & 1930's. While Brainmass rules do not allow me to write your 2-paragraph essay for you, I can create a Guide that will help you write your final answer. There are significant events in each of the decades that define them from politics, sciences, economics to the arts and they give us an insight into what societies were like in the nations across the Atlantic in the given time Period. As a Historian because each event is related to each it is unfair to pinpoint one particular event as most influential. Remember, in human history we always build on the achievements of generations before us. Now, below I listed the Key events for each decade with the key words in parentheses after each title defining social significance of events in that particular decade. Remember these key words, they will define your 2-paragraph answer. While we can argue that the most significant event of the 20's is the Establishment of the League of Nations it is not really the case because on the negative side, the reconstruction efforts after the War plunged many national economies into a myriad of troubles. So these key words are your guide. Then choose from the events I listed as your examples. Do the same for Paragraph 2 when you discuss the 1930's. The key events in this decade saw the rise of Dictatorships and formation of Axis nations on an international Political Scale while the League of Nations struggled to keep the fragile peace it established. The U.S. reeling from the Depression when War broke out decided on Neutrality but eventuality joined a few years later in the early 40's. Choose the examples carefully from the Guide I provided. Thank you for using Brainmass. Attached is the word version of this guide, print it and use it when creating your paper. Good luck! Thank you for using Brainmass.

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    Across the Pond in the 20's: Key Events

    (International Relations, Scientific Advancements, the Arts, Fickle Markets, Reconstruction)

    There are various key elements that kept the peace in the decade we refer to as the 20's in both sides of the Atlantic. I shall enumerate these key events that came to fore from the political front to the Arts. These events influenced the various other sectors significantly as social dynamics dictates. The 1920's after the violence of WW1 saw the world trying to come together under a peaceful debate on how international relations should be conducted but these also lead to struggles of who should lead who. Meanwhile each nation struggled to rebuild after the war, especially those who were heavily affected. We have to remember that 1919 saw the Treaty of Versailles being signed adapting U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's draft of the Covenant of the League of Nations that was signed by all the Allies & Germany but caused great debate within the U.S. Congress and was eventually rejected by the U.S. Congress who felt that some of it's provisions does not agree with American Ideals. The extended debate in the U.S. stretched until 1921 when the war was 'officially' ended. Nevertheless the Covenant Wilson drafted gave the early foundations of what we know today as the U.N., an international ...

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    The solution looks at the events after the first World War on both sides of the Atlantic tracing the key happenings in the 2 decades squeezed between WW1 & 2 to point out the events that ultimately led to the 2nd World War. The solution is a guide at creating an essay on this period in history.