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Using Arts in Education

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About education
I have to select a major concept, theory, or issue about education.

I have to come up with 30 annotated bibliographies, however, I would like 8-10 examples of the types of annotated bibliographies out there for this education topic, only so I can learn from your examples. They will NOT be submitted as they were my own words.

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I have provided an ideal 8 example annotated bibliographies. These annotated bibliographies focus on the benefits of using the arts in education.

Adolfo, Adamo; Bertacchini, Pier Augusto; Biolotta, Elenora; Pantano, Pietro; & Tavernise, Assunta. (2010). Connecting art and science for education: Learning through an advanced virtual theater with "talking heads. Leonardo; 2010, Vol. 43 Issue 5, p442-448, 7p. Found June 5, 2012: http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/abs/10.1162/LEON_a_00036

This article offers a very interesting perspective into using a virtual theater to join language with performance arts in order to achieve educational goals. On the stage of this pioneering theatrical environment human actors interact with 3D faces ("talking heads") on a wide screen. These characters provide real emotion, expression, and voice and resemble historical characters such as Einstein and Buddha. The use of this technology aids students with learning disabilities, students who do not speak English, and young students to master difficult subjects while making learning fun and entertaining for the students. This also produces a sense of theatrical presence that might have been lost through classroom instruction. The response of the program to date has been very positive and will be continued to be studied for future success.

Bianchi, June. Intercultural identities: Addressing the global dimension through art education. International Journal of Art & Design Education; Jun2011, Vol. 30 Issue 2, p279-292, 14p.

This article discusses the approaches to education in relationship to theoretical perspectives and policies and presents a model of practice in engaging the arts in order to help address academic and interpersonal development. This, in turn, will widen learning in the areas of citizenship, social, and health education subjects. Bianchi argues that the arts have a strong track-record in addressing such key issues by "...challenging hierarchical paradigms which reinforce prejudice and stereotyping, the arts encourage reflexive processes and critical engagement with diversity and pluralist perspectives."The author further argues that the policy and practice must also maintain a commitment to encouraging the values of cultural awareness in order to achieve educational success.

Bohannon, R. Larry & McDowell, Carol. (2010). Art, music, and movement connections for ...

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