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US Colonial History: Bacon's Rebellion

What impact did Bacon's Rebellion have on European/Native American (Indian) relations in Virginia?

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Bacon's Rebellion

What was Bacon's Rebellion? Bacon's Rebellion was about the uprising headed by English colonist Nathanial Bacon. The rebellion was brought about by many factors. Foremost however were the 'Indian Attacks' that Bacon and those who commiserated with him felt were unretaliated for by then Virginia colony Governor William Berkeley. In 1674, frontiersmen and yeoman frequently went into clashes with Native American populations in 'treaty-protected' territories. They wanted the colonial government to remove them or to kill them if the Indians resisted removal. The relationship between colonists and Indians were unstable, they traded, and they also raided, falling into a pattern of peace and conflict between each treaty. The issue is that while a Native American nation has gone into agreement with the colonists, they do not necessarily represent all 'nations', 'tribes' or 'clans'. Without centrality, treaties were seen as unfair and invalid by some other 'nations' or 'tribes' raising conflict within Native American tribal relations, adding to the conflict between Indians and colonists. A planter in 1675 (Thomas Matthews) alleged that Doeg Indians stole hogs from his farm when he was unable to pay them for a particular trade. Based on these, militias, made up of white ...