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Unitary, federal, or confederal forms of government

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Why should a political system be unitary, federal, or confederal? If the U.S. were to have another constitutional convention, would we keep a federal system or change it? Why or why not?

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Political Systems: Unitary, Confederacy, Federal

The Unitary system is a political system that puts power in the hands of the central government. What this means is that power, centralized in the hands of the national/central government, 'flows out'. Therefore decisions come from the 'top down'. With this, uniformity and commonality in all actions and decisions is applied throughout the state. Power is not shared between member states, provinces or regions with the central government controlling all national affairs. France & China exemplify this. The Confederate system is a loose, even 'weak' organization of states or independent political units who have come together to follow one central government. Member states can choose to follow the lead of the central government or interpret laws and legislation according to the decision of the state and its people. Power rests in the states and political units themselves maintaining a sense of autonomy in the idea that the local government understands its ...

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