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The role of the written word in Church criticism.

What role did the written word play in spreading the criticisms of the Church and suggestions for reform? How did illiterate people come in contact with these ideas?

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This should be an easy question, but of course calling on some experts makes your point stand out in the crowd. Read the excerpts below and begin with your simple answer. Find the most specific parts (1-2 sentences) of the quotes below, and set them off in quotes. I would repeat this same order for the part.2-(illiterates), and follow with two concluding sentences restating the simple answer. You will have a concise and supported response. Both sources were found in the EBSCO database, and I have added the APA format citations. If you need to use MLA, go to Cornell's easy to use site @ http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/mla

part one-how much impact?

"Spread by the printing press, ...

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A short discussion of the role of the written word in criticism of the Church and the resultant Reformation.
Relevant sources are used to show how the written word, or printing, aided the criticism of the Church, while spreading humanist ideas that led to the Reformation. This also includes a reflection on the effect on illiterates. Solution includes pertinent and useful citations from a History periodical and textbook, as well as a communication journal, all in APA format.