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    Terrorism - viewpoints

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    What are the official and unofficial viewpoints of terrorism?

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    1. What are the official and unofficial viewpoints of terrorism?

    Terrorism is a term that has been much bandied about in recent times in the world media.

    Al-Tawhid (1987), who is the Director of the International Relations Department of the I.P.O., at the International Conference on Terrorism called by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Geneva, from June 22-26, 1987, suggest that we need to take into consideration the following steps when considering the definition of terrorism:
    (i) To refer, first of all, to Islamic sources in order to set the major criteria, to identify the principles according to which the humanity aims and actions is to be assessed, and to make such principles the basis of our judgment in the various cases.
    (ii) To examine genuine human nature unblemished by any considerations of narrow interests, in order to identify human rules that can be put forth at the international level as a general human criterion. For this purpose, the results of our studies must cover the various fields of the international scene and constitute a general action framework.
    (iii) From these Islamic and human principles, we deduce a general comprehensive and exclusive definition, i.e. encompassing all the real attributes of terrorism and excluding the alleged criteria of terrorism which cannot be treated as such by lofty principles.
    (iv) Then, we should apply the criteria set forth to all the national and international instances of alleged terrorism. We should examine each of them closely in the light of the results, ...

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