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    Technological Innovations in International Relations

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    Some of the greatest technical innovations of 21st century that have impacted the international relations are World Wide Web, search engines, advancements in telecommunications, social media, atomic energy and advanced transportation facilities. The digital technology started with the inception of the World Wide Web at Switzerland in 1989. Rapid inventions in the field of telecommunications had changed the world into a small village. Advanced search engines made it easy to search anything in the internet and brought international relations closer. Social media have revolutionized digital technology and created a strong bond of friendship withe people of different nations. Another innovation which brought the international community together is the invention of atomic energy. It is a blessing as well as curse. New and advanced transportation facilities brought the people of the world together never before in the history of mankind.

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    The technical innovations of 21st century which changed the course of human history and international relations in my opinion is digital technology. The digital technology does not cover a single area of spectrum but it is beyond our comprehension.
    It all started with the invention of World Wide Web at Geneva, Switzerland in 1989. The development of hypertext resulted in the sharing of information globally. This innovation was unparallel in the history of the world. There is no innovation or technology which have brought the countries of the world so close together in this century other than the World Wide Web. World Wide Web is currently used in wider spectrum of diplomacy, services, E-commerce and international relations. It is easy to transfer and receive vital information by embassies and diplomatic missions with the help of internet.
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