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    Survival of the US Constitution

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    The Constitution is now the oldest written document of government in the world. What has enabled it to survive as the basic instrument of government of a country that evolved from thirteen states huddled on the eastern seaboard into a nation that spans a continent?

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    Survival of the American Constitution

    The American Constitution was created in Sept. 17, 1787 and ratified the following year making it one of the oldest written governing documents in the world. It is the supreme law governing the US, the structure and framework of organization that allows the country to be and dictates and governs the way the American people are dealt with by the federal government and vice-versa (how citizens and people within the country deal with the federal government). Prior to the drafting of the Constitution, there was the Articles of Confederation. According to then Gen. George Washington (who became the 1st President of the US), the biggest issue was that the Articles did not allow for the creation of a working monetary system and a centralized government able to handle and look after the affairs of the nation and its people, as, while it could print money, it loses value the year after and while ...

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    The solution is a 746-word discussion of the US Constitution in relation to its survival and relevance in keeping order to a nation having withstood changes in government and society as the basic instrument of government for over 2 centuries. References are listed for further studies on the topic.