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Similarities and Differences in Military Leadership

Here similarities and differences were made for the following generals:

1. General Subatai, a brilliant soldier of Emperor Genghiz Khan. He surprised enemies by deception and tricks. He used small forces to defeat large armies.

2. Genghis Khan had similarities with his General Subatai. Both men were great organizers and conquerors. Genghiz Khan had united the warring tribes

3. Marechal De Saxe can be compared with Subotai. He took great care of his army under his command as well as their horses. Genghiz khan took of his generals.

4. Gustav Adolphus can be compared with Genghis Khan and Subotai. He used mobile artillery. Mongols rarely used artillery. Gustav led his campaigns in a straight line. He used infantry and cavalry. Lastly, Gustav used a good number of mercenaries which was like other generals

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General Subatai was one of the brilliant soldiers of Mongol Emperor Genghiz Khan. The ability of Subatai was his ability to execute the military plan into action. The military tactics of the generals were based on the ground situation. He surprised the enemies by deception and tricks. When we look into several of his battles, we can find that he used small forces successfully against large armies. He can be compared with the Modern Military Generals like Napoleon who had taken risks to achieve success. Ancient texts say that he used special columns to smash through the enemy battle lines and turned the attention of the enemy commanders. Finally, Subatai was a loyal military general to Genghiz Khan. He had successfully accomplished the task ...

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This solution helps students to understand the similarities and differences in military leadership. Here the comparisons were made between between General Sabutai, Genghiz Khan, Marechal De Saxe and Gustavus Adolphus