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    Second Industrial Revolution (SIR) and International Relations

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    Kindly help with a 4 to 5 pages of a particular technology of choice and trace its historical development. Summarizing how the technology has developed from its beginning until present. This must be a technology that is highly relevant to one's daily life; if, for example, you are a pilot, you may choose the technology of flight, from the Wright Brothers through the Space Shuttle.
    Please sight at least six sources and referenced used

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    Over the past few years or rather approximately ten years the technology which has changed the most rapidly and can be said to most closely affect one's life is the cellular phone (cell phone). This small yet important piece of technology or rather communications technology has progressed from the large cumbersome piece of technology which was carried in a large satchel as shown in the movie "The big Lebowski". It has become a mini supercomputer with functions that would have taken up an entire room twenty years ago, now it can fit into the palm of a person's hand. The cell phone currently can be used as a multi media entertainment system as well as a telephone. The uses for the current cell phone technology are gaming, research, social networking, movie watching, information download, Global Position Satellite (GPS), secure military communication system, one can use it to shop, as a day planner, camera, video recorder and a myriad of other capabilities to numerous to mention.

    The first computer was Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator (ENIAC) and was the first modern computer created in 1946, this computer was big. It weighed 30 tons and took up 1800 square feet of floor space. The entire machine contained over 17,000 vacuum tubes, 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors and 6,000 manual switches. It cost almost $500,000, and required six full-time technicians to keep it running. (1) The connection to cell phones is obvious because cell phones have become a hybrid of telephone and computer. Technology has taken two distinct operations and made them one. In a note of irony a cell phone can do all the functions the ENIAC was able to do in a fraction of the time and yet is literally a fraction of the cost.

    The changes are extant, the physical ...

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    Second industrial revolution and international relations are examined.